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In this website you’ll find english subtitles for the following series only. (unless I start watching a new show)

Important: I will only be posting subtitles for the HDTV / DVDRip releases. No HR.HDTV. HDTV releases are usually 350mb so try to get the right version when looking for subtitles in this blog.

Most importantly, though, I’m not the one who’s creating the subtitles. Hats off to the people doing all the hard work of synchronization and transcription. Many thanks to groups like: YDY, 1000fr, sub-way / swsub, forom and many, many more.

Current series:

  • 24 (Twenty-Four)
  • CSI Las Vegas
  • Day Break
  • Dexter
  • Heroes
  • Lost
  • Prison Break
  • Scrubs
  • Smallville
  • Supernatural
  • The 4400
  • The Dead Zone

Where do I find the subs (?):

Legal notes:

Keep this site legal. Talking about the redistribution of the ripped episodes is illegal and shouldn’t be mentioned in this blog. Comments regarding torrents / links for downloading any episodes will be deleted immediately from this site. Let’s keep this website clean, in order to be left online and not in WordPress’ archives.



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  1. Sorry to bother you, but i search the internet and couldnt find it. Your website is very good for subtitles but the subtitles are released atleast a day later than the episode is release. I would like to know that where can i get the english subtitle for the release of all the TV SHOWS right at the same time the episode is released. Do you know any site which releases the subtitle as soon as the episode is released. Please let me know. If you do not know and if you know someone else who can help please refer me to that person so that i can find out about it. I dont want to wait another day before i can watch the shows. So please help me out. Thanks alot. My email is So any help from you will be much appreciated.

  2. Hello and thanks for your encouraging comments.
    It’s impossible for the subtitles to be released at the same time as the episode (they require at least half a day) UNLESS the releases are dvd rips (still it’s not certain they’ll be released at the same time).
    I use: (register,login and press Documents on the right taskbar)

    cssubs seems to be the best in my opinion.

  3. Thanx alot for your help.

  4. Hey, really great page you got here, I love it. Only thing which I think you should mention is which release the subtitles are synched too.

  5. Thanks for your good comments. Will try to do so but i rename my avi files and most of the times I forget which is the release I downloaded. Will keep it in mind though.

  6. The subtitle is great help to overcome the language barrier,my friends and i like are following smallville season 6 and the subtitle works like a charm..keep up the good work mate

  7. Any direct download links? I can already understand english.. Nice job though

  8. Nope, if anyone could suggest me any other free hosting sites though… πŸ˜‰ links don’t even have a timer though. It’s the easiest hosting site I could find.

  9. I honestly think the hosting sites you are using for the subtitles now are good enough, no need to look for any more.

    I just wanted to say thanks for also adding the release information to the subtitles. The reason I asked for this in my previous post (#4) is because most of these releases are done by several different groups (eg. lol, xor, nbs, etc) and they usually have different times and synch on them. So I just wanted to say thanks again for that.

    In reply to #6 Andy: That is true, but my english is fluently, so the reason why I am using subtitles is because I have a bad hearing. I use hearing aid devices, but it is harder to hear things on the TV for me, or through noise, or in this case a TV-show on the computer with low sound quality. I would have to turn the volume up quite a lot to hear much of what they are saying, but even so, I keep loosing words. Subtitles is therefore a help to me πŸ™‚

  10. Excelent website you got here. Already bookmarked.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Are you going to put up other series, too?

  12. Maybe later in the future. The ones I’m thinking about are: The Shield, Criminal Minds. I don’t have anything else in my mind.

  13. I would like to know what tool you use to edit the subtitles. I’d like to translate and create some in french and it’s quite painful to do it in a text editor.
    Btw, thanks for the subs. They help a lot.

  14. I’m not the one creating the subtitles πŸ˜‰ but from what I know most people use subtitle workshop…

  15. hello i wanna ask what video
    player i have to use that can to see these subs. Thanks in advance

  16. Pretty much any videoplayer will do (WMP, VLC, etc), but you need a program called VobSub ( to be able to see the subtitles (in addition to the movie and subtitle files having the same name (for instance: video.avi and

  17. I personally use Media Player (with codecs of course).
    All you’ve got to do is to get a plug-in called DirectVobSub, install it and rename the subtitle so as it has the same name as the movie and then play the movie. The sub will automatically load…


  18. you can also get sub’s on:


  20. I can offer you an ftp account on my personal server for storing subs. No wait time or something. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Free ? πŸ˜‰

    Will it be any fuss to log-in and all that stuff? I actually don’t see what’s wrong with the current hosting sites. They’re both perfect plus thanks to you people now on I’ve got 75mb of space.

  22. Free of course. If you know how to deal with ftp, no problems at all. You can have like 2-3GB of space πŸ™‚

  23. All right. If people start asking about better hosting sites I’ll definitely ask you. Thanks though. πŸ™‚

  24. I suggest you use these filehosts instead–which the user doesn’t have to wait for the file:

    You can hotlink, too.

  25. You don’t have to wait to download from the Sendspace link.

  26. can i request House M.D subs? those medical terminology is quite hard, even though i am in the same field.i thought subtitles would be a great help.

  27. Look in About and you’ll see some websites that have English subtitles.

  28. try for a good free file host

  29. Once again great new look on your blog louisubs, very clean and professional!

  30. Thanks for your nice comments, Joe.

  31. still searching smallville s06e10 subtitle.

    please directly show us your subtitle sources.
    because i am very fastly downloading episode and i want to watch it.

  32. There are links in the post above.

    The subtitles will be posted as soon as I have them so I’d like to ask you people to stop asking for them all the time.

  33. It takes time to make the subtitles! Sometimes the subs are available half a day later, sometimes it takes a week.

  34. thanks for your care and work which is helpful but i am looking for subtitles of two tv series first is ( BERNIE MAC SHOW) and second is (STILL STANDING)

  35. Can’t help you on that one. Try the sites I named above, they should have subs for them.

  36. Heej peoples, use subedit player 2 play your subtitles, very easy, and plays everything, just google fot it……..

  37. No need to install another videoplayer to view the subtitles, just get vobsub:

  38. Thanks a lot for your work but could you tell me where can I find subs for the first and second seasons of LOST?

  39. I’ve already provided links above. Check the first link. It should have all of them.

  40. By the way, here are some more links you should add Louis:

  41. Yeah, I know those ones and I actually I know some better ones too. The problem is that it’s not as easy to download from the ones I haven’t mentioned as it is from the links I provided above. for instance: register->understand the layout->add to cart->create rar file->download. Complicated…
    Same goes with where you search and get chinese results. is the best because it provides the subs created from the most well-known groups – YDY, and branches of those two groups – but unfortunately it’s quite complicated to download from them.

  42. Well is rather easy. You just have to register, then doubleclick on the subtitle you want and it will download. Don’t need to click add to cart, create rar file and all that crap. πŸ™‚

  43. Double-clicking doesn’t work for me. :S

    I’ll add it to the list then. Cheers.

  44. How long does it takes to be released the subtitle after the show is aired?

  45. Depends on the popularity of the show and the group that’s creating the subtitles.

    For prison break it takes about 4-5 hours. For Heroes 12+, for 24 4-5 hours. Also groups only start working on the subtitles when they verify that the release is not NUKED unless a proper release is not released in an hour after the NUKED one as far as I can tell.

  46. and wich one do you think is the best page? thanks for this information…

  47. and / (english version) because they create the subs and not just redistribute like my website and lots of others.

  48. And do you upload the sub inmediately after it’s realesed (i’m interested on 24)? and how’s the quality? Thank you so much for the information, i have a team and we are going to translate 24 to spanish inmediately.

  49. He posts here the minute they are available, you can be sure of that. Quality of subs are usually around the 95% mark I’d say. Subs in general have very minor synching problems and very few spelling problems.

  50. Asia Team, Jack?

  51. Jack Bauer: Yeah, I upload them as soon as I have them but sometimes subs are created too late in the night (considering the time difference) or when I’m at school. But yeah, as soon as I have them I upload them and post them.

    About the quality: Actually this has to do with the group creating them. Most of the time I do some corrections if I see some “xxxxx” parts etc but I never correct synchronization issues because I am too lazy. πŸ˜‰

    Best website for 24 subs: It’s the only show that releases subs just a little bit later than the prison break ones. I have no idea if you should get their “go ahead” though in order to re-transcript and translate their subs into spanish. I can’t help you on that one.
    How to use
    Search (obviously). Wait to get the results, press on the link you want and another page will appear. Now you have to press on the part where the video and sub part is mentioned. For instance, if the video’s name was 24.s01e06.hdtv-xvid.xor then the link you should click should be something like 24.s06e06.rar/zip. Easiest way to find it is find the part that mentions the archive’s size and click on the link above it. After that, you should get a new page with a button to click. Click on that and at the bottom of the screen a box will appear. Just click on the top left link. Note: Always download only those whose size is 25+kb because sometimes they include different languages in the archive. Chinese simplified, traditional and english. If it’s only 15-20kb then it’s just chinese. 25+kb means that there could be two languages and 35+kb means that all three languages are included. I hope I helped you.

  52. Thanks for all the information, louisubs. And for Julius, no it’s not Asia Team, we’re a new group and we are going to release the sub before Asia.

  53. Can somebody write what Hurley is saying in this video. Thanks

  54. I just wonder where you managed to find recent subs from the “The Last Fantasy” webby ( I’ve been looking on this site and I couldn’t find anything new : ]

  55. I didn’t get them from that site, it’s just the group that created them. But perhaps you should check their forum if there’s one.

  56. thanks for helping us. do you any other subtitle languange i mean like indonesian subtitle ? because i lived in indonesia.

    thanks for information

  57. Sorry, I can’t help you with this one.

  58. where is smallville 6 epi 15 sub eng, why so long ?

  59. The people making subtitles are also making them for other series, plus they have family and jobs too. The French version of Smallville 6×15 has already been made, which means the English version is just around the corner.

  60. which is the best website for the prison break subs?
    I mean the site that release pb subs quickly?

  61. It depends. I’d recommend if you knew Chinese, but you can also try reading that “guide” I posted 9 posts above yours.

  62. Will you include Jericho subs too?

  63. Nope, sorry.

  64. can you say from what website do you lost subtitles. Thanks

  65. can you say from what website do you get lost subtitles. Thanks

  66. Just read my “About”. There are links there.

  67. why not? it’s a show as good as the others 😦

  68. I don’t have the time to watch another show mate. Sorry. 😦

  69. thanks for all the subtitles

    by the way can anybody tell me good site to download the newest movie subtitles. I downloaded Ghost_Rider_TS_XViD-mVs.avi – 700 odd mb (2007 movie) and find it difficult to find the subtitles

    Thanks. Sorry for going off topic ppl 😦


  71. It’s not as easy to find subtitles for movies as it is for the series, though. You’d better wait the DVD releases if you want an english sub.

  72. yea… 😦 all these subtitle sites has the newest movie subtitles in other languages (arabic, spanish, dutch etc) but not English :@
    tv series are quite easy yea. Thanks for this site too. Tis so well ordered

  73. hey loui I turn to you again for SOS πŸ™‚

    I am currently watching prison break, 24, LOST and Heroes..
    had watched Sleeper cell and Kyle XY in the past, and waiting for a new season in kylexy.

    I feel the need for a new tv show. What would you recommend me? not smallville(since i will have to download all 6 season :|) a real good tv show that is in its 1st or 2nd season?


  74. Supernatural is a great thriller / action / adventure show. You could also try The 4400 which airs in the summer and it’s got 3 small seasons. Season 1 is 5 episodes and 2 and 3 something like 30 combined.

  75. Great. Thanks. I was in fact looking for a thriller/ action/adventure. I will go for supernatural. Read the reviews and am satisfied.. Now the hardest parts’ to Dload the 2 seasons… phew!!

  76. i was lookin for the subT. of a french movie title is je taime moi non plus can any one help me to find out subT. in english for the movie?
    thanks already

  77. hi, firstly i would like to thanks you for uploading the subtitle. Sendspace need account in order to download, hope u can use another free upload server to upload those subtitles.


  78. You don’t need an account to download from SendSpace. is good too. If anyone could tell me how to allow .srt,.zip,.rar uploads to wordpress’ 50mb space allowed then I’d upload them as an attachment there too. Unfortunately, the .srt extension is blocked by wordpress. (haven’t tested archives) 😦

  79. hi there

    i`m looking for seperate chinese subtitles for SKY aka DEAR HEAVEN ε€©ε―ζ€œθ§

    in torrent or clubbox or rar or attachment !

    i`m not chinese n i don`t speak chinese…

    but i have a software to translate them later !
    i have had some SKY dramas.. but with chinese hardsubbed… so now, rolleyes.gif i`m going to find the seperate chinese subtitle… blush.gif

    can u search for me …

    i had made many searching but understand nothing…

    can u ask u`r friends too…if u don`t mind !


    if u find the torrent with the video plus (wheter in txt @ srt @ smi ) seperate subtitle…tell me…

    PM or reply here or email me at

  80. @wniizzati: Visit to

  81. Your Site ROCKZ!

  82. quote

    “Maybe later in the future. The ones I’m thinking about are: The Shield, Criminal Minds. I don’t have anything else in my mind.”

    what about House MD? its great!!!

    Thx!!! and keep up the good work!

  83. How do you add top clicks?

  84. What are top clicks?

  85. on your sidebar

  86. Somewhere around the “Presentation” panel if my memory serves me right.

  87. How do we merge the subtitles with the videos?

  88. Hi, can I make a request? Can you upload subtitles for “drive” tv series? Please………….

  89. Hi, i would like to know which one is the first place that publish the Heroes sub, and which group makes it (i mean: The last fantasy, YDY, etc.) Thanks and your site is excelent keep going…

  90. Sairav, look in the Lost episode 15 comments for your question.
    sexy, I will only be posting subtitles for the series I watch. You could try the links above for the subtitles though.
    Peter Petrelli, the group doesn’t really matter to be honest. gets them first.

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  96. hi! Sorry bothering you with my *silly* question but… I’ve seen other guys posting the translation as copy&paste. Not everybody wants to subtitle the movie. Tks anyway! πŸ™‚

  97. obviously your site is really good. but could u add one more series, which is House of MD a.k.a. House.

    Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

  98. […] Read more about this topic from the author here. […]

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