“Lost” Season 3 – Episode 14: Exposé

March 29, 2007 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Lost | 17 Comments

Subtitle locations:

Click To Download (SendSpace)

Click To Download (35mb.com)

Episode info:

Season: 03

Episode: 14

Title: Exposé


As the truth about Sun’s kidnapping by “the Others” comes to her attention, Hurley becomes suspicious of Sawyer’s attempt to reveal the mystery behind two fellow survivors, Nikki and Paulo. Through series of flashbacks we will discover what Nikki and Paulo were doing before the crash and how they survived 65 days on the island.

Video & Subtitle info:

Filename: Lost.S03E14.HDTV.XviD-Caph

Release: HDTV.XviD

Group (Video): Caph

Group (Subtitle): 1000fr



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  1. well, subs are preatty bad this time, with some dialogues completely missing… by the way… even the episod is really really bad. g.

  2. Well then you should try http://www.forom.com
    Their subtitles always satisfied me. Well, this time they took a little longer to publish and that’s why i’m testing this subtitle.
    Make your choice.


  3. I don’t mind missing some sentences, I care about how long it takes to publish those subtitles. Anyway, I agree, the episode is the worst you could imagine after the Hurley one!

  4. BRAZILIAN: http://www.opensubtitles.org/cs/download/file/1951650241
    … still waiting for ENGLISH 😦

  5. above is Lost S03e15 of course

  6. I can’t find the subtitles for episode 15 anywhere. I’ve looked in each forum / site. Perhaps someone who knows chinese can help us with the 1000fr.com forum. Shooter.cn is a bit slow on 1000fr subtitles. Anyone?

  7. POLISH:
    http://napisy.org/Pobierz/Id091544.zip or http://napisy.org/Pobierz/Id091543.zip (FQM)
    damn, wehere are eng subs?!

  8. Combi Chinese and English subtitle:

  9. Anonymous, those are for the HR.HDTV version, unfortunately.

    Thomas@Amsterdam, I can’t see a link in your comment.

  10. czech! WOW:

  11. @louisubs

    Anonymous = Thomas@Amsterdam

  12. Haha, sorry. I didn’t know.
    Still waiting, by the way. This is the first time I see the subtitles not being released till this time for such a popular show.

  13. to louisubs: yep (anyway it is strange) seems that nobody is willing to do it as fast as possible 😦

  14. Argh, I can’t be arsed to wait any longer. I’m too bored to wait for the english one so I’m gonna go with the Greek one. The first one that finds the english one should post a comment with the link here, please. 😉

  15. most part of lost 3 subtitle were wrong,imean incorrect

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