“Supernatural” Season 2 – Episode 16: Roadkill

March 18, 2007 at 5:35 am | Posted in Supernatural | 4 Comments

Subtitle locations:

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Episode info:

Season: 02

Episode: 16

Title: Roadkill


A woman named Molly and her husband are driving down the highway and swerve to miss a farmer who’s walking down the road. Their car hits a tree and when Molly wakes up her husband is missing. Sam and Dean discover Molly and find out that the farmer haunts the highway and Molly is most likely his next victim. Sam and Dean set off to stop the farmer before he can claim her.

Video & Subtitle info:

Filename: Supernatural.S02E16.HDTV.XviD-Caph

Release: HDTV.XviD

Group (Video): Caph

Group (Subtitle): YDY 



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  1. I just wanna say thank you.
    But if you pay more attention to smallville Subs ( i think its the last on your list ) it will be great !
    waiting for smallville new episode sub ..
    Thanks again & bye

  2. thank you so much

  3. Smallville 6×16 has been out all day btw, Louis 😛

  4. I’m not using the PC all day, Joe. 😉

    I added them now anyway…

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