“Prison Break” Season 2 – Episode 19: Sweet Caroline

March 6, 2007 at 1:22 pm | Posted in Prison Break | 27 Comments

Subtitle locations:

Click To Download (SendSpace)

Click To Download (35mb.com)

Episode info:

Season: 02

Episode: 19

Title: Sweet Caroline


An unlikely alliance forms between Bellick and Sucre while Michael is determined to face the president. T-Bag gets into some trouble when he loses his luggage and C-Note faces major consequences after some of his actions.

Video & Subtitle info:

Filename: Prison.Break.S02E19.HDTV.XviD-XOR

Release: HDTV.XviD

Group (Video): xor

Group (Subtitle): YDY 



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  1. I have problems trying download. I didn’t get to file anywhere.

  2. I had no problems downloading the subtitles. So once again, thanks 🙂

  3. The links are working fine. Just tested them.

    By the way, WHAT AN EPISODE !!!!!! 😀

  4. Is there gonna be another season for prison break?
    A season 3 and 4?
    Its unlikely with this story, but then again fox is capable of doing anything?

  5. Pretty much season 3 has been confirmed.

    Unlikely ? Have you even watched the episode ?

  6. Hello,

    5 Seasons of Prison Break 🙂

  7. Thank you. Much appreciated.

  8. some info said it’ll be 5 seasons in total…
    just afraid it’ll be not much interesting anymore if dragged for too long..
    but up to now, what a great show!!

  9. I doubt that it’ll get more than 3 seasons. The ratings are already getting lower and lower and I don’t think that a channel like fox would air a whole season of a series who has less than 7 million viewers. Those people don’t care how many people download their episodes. 😉

  10. Ty once again 🙂

  11. louisubs, I think I love you 😀 😀

    (translation – thx for subz :user: )

  12. Timing is wrong, when the “viewer discrecion blablabla is not there

  13. Got subtitle for [Proper] version?

  14. Amphor, ryanafreez – u can move sub. timing in gomplayer and adjust it, with keyz, with GOM my timing is never wrong 😀

  15. The xor release is fine. Most of the times other groups say that releases are bad so that people will download theirs. Plus, I don’t see any PROPER version around, nor do I see subtitles for a PROPER one.

  16. Do you offer any subtitles for the HR HDTV releases?

  17. Nope, sorry. HDTV only. You will definitely find the subtitles you’re looking for in the sites I’ve got listed in “Site Info”

  18. How can I put the subtitles on my movie? Please help me????

  19. Read in “Site Info”. It’s been asked many times.

  20. Great episode, best 1 yet

  21. hey can you please upload the subs of episode 20

  22. thx a lot!

  23. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ri3t7n (not my upload)

  24. Yeah, thanks guys. I was at school but now I’ve posted the subtitles.

  25. hay guys,ive just finished watching episode 19 of series 2….was that the last 1 of the series? or does it go into the 20s??? thanx

  26. Of course not. The latest episode is 20 and we’re two episodes short of completing the season – 22 in total. Season 3 has been announced already.

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