Heroes S01E15 – Run!

February 13, 2007 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Heroes | 13 Comments


Matt starts to bodyguard for an objectionable client. Suresh finds another person on the list. Claire learns a lot more about her birth parents. Hiro and Ando get sidetracked in Vegas again while searching for the sword. Simone and Nathan go to great lengths to find Peter. Niki and Nathan meet again.

Subtitle locations:

Click To Download (SendSpace)

Click To Download (35mb.com)

For Video & Subtitle details click below…

Video details:

Season: 01

Episode: 15

Title: Run!

Release: HDTV

Group: lol

Subtitle details:

Group: The Last Fantasy 



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  1. thanks !

  2. Very nice, thx :]
    (this blog didn’t like my little hearts :[)

  3. your emoticons, u mean.

  4. you rule man… keep up the good work!!!

  5. Thanks for beeing so fast, i had to wait for the video to download before i could use the subs.

    however this subtitle’s quality is very poor, there are lots of misunderstood lines and some others are missing 😦

    thanks anyway.

  6. Yeah, I noticed that, too, but there’s nothing I can do. Nowadays people – me included – prefer fast subtitles rather than high quality subtitles. Groups rush to release their subtitles just to get more downloads than the other group. What do I do ? I just watch them with the fastest subtitles and then replace the subtitles with high quality ones from sub-way.fr in order to make DVDs for my favorite series. That’s why I put low quality subs in this site. My guess is that you all prefer to have any sub rather than no sub.

  7. you’re absolutely right.

  8. btw, i believe most of the people making the english subs are not native english speakers. am i wrong?

  9. I have no idea. You could be right because sometimes the subtitles say something totally different than the voice in the video which makes you wonder.

    By the way, since this is the most active post at the moment: Does anyone know a way that I can get a live feed from tv.com ? I was thinking of changing a bit the way I post stuff and post the current rating of an episode which will update automatically automatically from tv.com. Is there a way to do that ? Also, a voting system for a post and subtitle quality or something…

  10. It can be both factors, but mostly it’s rushing to release subtitle files. Most groups that create subtitles have English as their secondary language (as have I), yes, but they are very skilled in it.

    Symptoms of rushing subtitles are often incomplete/fragmented text (missing parts sometimes replaced with ** for instance), no text at all in some segments, and even spelling mistakes and bad syntax/semantics is more often because of rushed releases than bad English. Note that another reason is also that what the actors say can sometimes be very hard to hear, they could for instance be mumbling or there is much noise when they are talking.

    Sub-way.fr has labelled perfect released with a star next to them, in case you are looking for these, but most people prefer to get their subtitles early with a few errors than wait another week for a perfect release anyway.

    Louis, I don’t know of any scripts that do this off the top of my head, but you can try to google for “fetch data from tv.com”, or “fetch data from remote website” with or without “php”, “javascript”, or “python” in the line. Should hopefully get you some useful hits on what you are looking for.

  11. thx 🙂

  12. do you have those HR (High Resolution) subs? i need subs for the following:


    it would be great if you could posted it here, or by emailing it to me. thanks 🙂

  13. Try looking for them in the links I posted in my “About”. I only post HDTV 350mb releases and DVDRips.

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