Day Break S01E09 – What If They’re Connected

February 12, 2007 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Day Break | 26 Comments

Subtitle locations:

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Video details:

Season: 01

Episode: 09

Title: What If They’re Connected

Release: Wepisode / Internet Rip

Subtitle details:


Note: Subtitle was out of synchronization with my video file so I did my best at re-synchronizing it to work for my release. Please post a comment if you can confirm that two versions were released for this episode because as far as I know there’s only one and I synched the sub for the version I have which – same as episodes 7 and 8 – didn’t even mention a group’s name.



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  1. thank you very much.

  2. Julius, is the subtitle’s synchronization correct for your file ? Then there must be just a single release.

  3. Thanks a lot! “Please post a comment if you can confirm that two versions were released for this episode because as far as I know there’s only one ” I had that another version and text were late about 3sec, but it’s wasn’t problem. TimeAdjuster 2 win =)

    Thanks again.

  4. And i dont know who has released that another vesion. File name is “DayBreak_S01E09.avi” and size is 354 182 kb. Can’t help anymore =\

  5. This is really strange. Subtitle was totally out of synchronization for my version but I’ve yet to find another version.

    Anyway, I’ve seen the episode and I’m saying this for the 10th time or so, Day Break is the most underrated series ever.

  6. Hello i think this could be another Version:


  7. Thanks, what about the other version’s name ? As far as I can remember my filename was Day.Break.S01E09.Xvid.

  8. There are two versions:


    I got the first one, which is 345 MB (362 684 416 bytes) in size. No synchronization problems whatsoever.

    But if your subtitles comes late or early you can easily adjust them on the fly with Vobsub anyway.

  9. Thanks, Joe. And I did re-synchronize them but they were getting out of sync whenever the “Loading…” screen appeared. (I’ve got the second version I guess).

    Also, you said no sync problems for you. You download the sub from my links above ? Because the links above include an edited subtitle my me, not the original one.

  10. Thanks for subs!!! Waiting the next one…

  11. louisubs, u are totally right, day break is the most underrated series ever. But shit happens =\

    Thanks again, hopefully we get e10 subtitles soon =)

  12. No, I got the original one from, I guess that might be why.

    @Jeze: Episode10 subtitles are 90% done and will either be up this night or tomorrow 🙂

  13. Hey!
    Are u have subtitles from Robin Hood?

  14. where can i get the subtitles of 24 s02e08 and s02e09

  15. Ok, just a few observations:
    1. synch work perfectly for my version (362.681.578 bytes)
    2. “Torrez’s a traitor, man” not a “trader man”.
    3. Otherwise, is just fine.

  16. Any news on the subtitles for episode 10?


  17. Yeah, is working on it and they’ll be completing it late tonight or tomorrow morning – normally. I’ll post them tomorrow morning if they’re released.

  18. I’m waiting for these subtitles (episode 10 and so on), too. Thanks from Hungary!

  19. The English subtitles have been completed, but they won’t post them until the French subtitles have also been completed. Hopefully they will be done before the week ends.

  20. Why they won’t post subs before French subs are ready?

  21. Actually we should be grateful. They are a french website and they give us the english subtitles on the best quality available, too.

  22. Ok… Didn’t know how this system works, who do subs etc.

  23. The good news is that the french subtitles are at 90% at the moment so in about 2 hours the subtitles should be ready. (there is also the “Finalization” step.) If I’m using the PC at that time I’ll post them or else I’ll post them tomorrow morning.


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