24 S06E07 – 12.00 PM-13.00 PM

February 6, 2007 at 4:32 pm | Posted in 24 | 14 Comments


Jack’s family loyalties are put to the test as Graem reveals his full involvement in the terrorist activities.

Wayne convenes a meeting of his cabinet to discuss Lennox’s drastic policies, while Sandra tends to an injured Walid.

Morris receives some bad news about a relative, and McCarthy sets a trap designed to capture the man who can help Fayed build a new trigger for the nukes.

Subtitle locations:

Click To Download (SendSpace – NoTV)

Click To Download (35mb.com – NoTV)

Click To Download (SendSpace – lol)

Click To Download (35mb.com – lol)

For Video & Subtitle details click below…

Video details:

Season: 06

Episode: 07

Title: 12.00 PM – 13.00 PM

Release: HDTV

Group: NoTV (PROPER) / lol (NUKED)

Subtitle details:

Group: YDY

Note: The group’s “The Last Fantasy” subtitle was out of synchronization so I replaced it with the YDY version. Re-Download from the links above to get the updated subtitle.



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  1. hey can anyone please find me the subtitle for

    the one here is —- 607 notv version
    it displays the subtitles a little late, that is the audio and visuals dont go together since i am having the 607 hdtv lol version

    thanks in advance

  2. sorry about that… Didn’t quite realise the gravity of it before. Beg your pardon again

    yea if you could help with the english subtitles for the hdtv-lol version of episode 7

  3. hey anyone please help on this… you just have to reduce the time for each subtitle to appear…

    I dont know how to handle a subtitle editor…

    please help me get the subtitle for 24.607.hdtv-lol

  4. Added the subs for the lol version.

    k.s. Smith: I removed your comment because it contained links to the episode for downloading it. Please don’t do that again. đŸ™‚

  5. hey thanks a lot.

    you are soooo lovely… lol

    thanks again

  6. hey i will make sure i dont do that again. Really sorry about that. Thanks a heaps for the lol subs..

  7. No worries, it was a general notice though. I just want this site to be kept legal because wordpress might close this if they get any reports of illegal redistributions of stuff.

  8. waiting for the subs of episode 8 and 9.. sadly no prison break today..

  9. hey loui season 6 episode 8s out oh yea.
    they are having 2 episodes today. episode 8 and episode 9.
    hope you will be quick with the subs
    thanks in advance

  10. this is episode 7. anybody got 8 and 9?

  11. You can find them at http://www.seriessub.com/ on the frontpage.

  12. i got episode 8s subs from shooter.cn
    here u go

  13. That’s the HR.HDTV version but thanks anyway, Sara.

    I added the subtitles just now.

  14. great.

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