Heroes S01E11 – Fallout

December 6, 2006 at 7:07 am | Posted in Heroes | 8 Comments


The recent tragedy weighs down on the heroes and changes their relationships with one another while they continue to learn shocking details about the upcoming nuclear-level disaster in Issac’s painting. Peter’s in trouble. HRG finds another hero to pull into his web. A new lead is pursued in the hunt for Sylar by Agent Audrey Hanson and Matt. After Niki learns of Jessica’s recent actions she must make a difficult decision to keep her family safe. Mohinder takes new steps toward his recently chosen path. A familial bond is revealed. We will learn much more about Sprague, a hero with radative abilities. Isaac latest work of art details major implications for the future actions of a certain hero. Someone dies.






Season: 01

Episode: 11

Title: Fallout



Group: Saint




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  1. thanks for subtitles..

    where do you get there?

  2. look in about

  3. I have the XOR version, what’s the difference? Also, could you find the subs for xor? 😀

  4. I couldn’t find any, I’m sorry.
    The xor version had a blank audio part (no audio) around 28 minutes if I remember. It was nuked so subtitles have only been released for Saints version as far as I know.

    Give it a shot and download the ones above. I doubt it there will be too much difference between the two versions’ length to suggest bad synchronization.

  5. Found them, added… (the links in brackets)

  6. So you’re saying the saints version is better? I left my pc downloading it and now I got both but I haven’t seen it yet, which one do you suggest I watch?

  7. Saints one…

  8. I watched through the xor version, it works fine.

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