Heroes S01E05 – Hiros

October 25, 2006 at 6:10 am | Posted in Heroes | 18 Comments


Matt uses his abilities to help his marriage. Niki loses another lapse of time. D.L. has escaped from prison. Claire tells her father about some of the things she’s been through lately. Vegas has more consequences for Hiro.
Peter recieves a message.




Season : 01

Episode: 05

Title: Hiros

Release: HDTV-Xvid

Group: lol



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  1. reupload
    megaupload link:

  2. I don’t see the reason, both links are working fine.

  3. nice work…i love your blog: the best subs i could get! thx

  4. I use your subs and they are 100% best one, but check this out – I can use all Heroes subs except for the episode 5 ‘Hiros’

    I really cant understand what’s going on?!?

    I noticed that all subs are 40 – 50 KB and only that one is 100KB…just thought that might be the reason…but it looks to me too wierd

    I mean I can’t even manually load those subs in BS player

    Crazy…. :-/

    Anyone can thought of any reasonable reason?!?

  5. Perhaps you’ve got a different release for the episode. This one is for the lol version.

    How do you normally load the subs ? With DirectVobSub in Windows Media Player ?

  6. I have also LOL version – it’s not problem about that! I even checked time codes of subs and movie and they are just perfect – but simply it’s impossible to load it.

    I watch movies with BS player and as I said in post before – every other sub is OK (Heroes, LOST, etc…). I usually rename sub in same name as movie is (example: Heroes.s01e05.Hiros.avi + Heroes.s01e05.Hiros.sub) so BS player automaticly load sub with movie played. And it works perfect everytime, but…this….

    I’m really confused :-/

  7. Erm, did you rename it to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.sub or .srt ? Because the correct filetype is certainly .srt.

    Anyhow, I recommend you to download the plug-in DirectVobSub (and add it from the plug-ins menu of media player because it’s a .dll file).

    I never had a problem with that except if I had been using a different version of the video from the subtitle… :-/

  8. oh nevermind louisubs – thnx for help anyway πŸ™‚

  9. Shu-Pac, how did you fixed the problem? Same here 😐

  10. i have this problem too..

  11. You can install DirectVobSub and watch the movies with windows media player, I usually use MPUI (mplayer) to watch movies, but it doesnt work with e05 sub 😐

  12. It is some sort of binary subtitle-format. Not plain SRT or the subtitle is just corrupted.
    It seems that this sub is the only one out there also. Sigh. :/

  13. i cant play this sub in my dvd player… maybe its too big… anyone can help me?

  14. For all of you who cant play this episodes subtitles – here is a work around

    open the file in wordpad, press ctrl+a, ctrl+c
    open notepad press ctrl+v, save the file and rename..

    the file is now half size and mplayer will reconice it.. guess it was saved in some wierd windows encoding.

    oh and any chance of spendspace links for ep 1-4 ? 35mb.com keeps crashing firefox >_

  15. oy and here is a hint DONT use the 35mb.com site – the downloader contains
    “Trojan hosre PSW.Generic.3.PAQ”


  16. Sorry, but I can’t re-upload all of the episodes to SendSpace. I’m too lazy. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t get any virus / trojan warnings when I’m using 35mb.com. I’ll be using Rapidshare from now on too so that users will have more options to donwload from.

  17. Matchless topic

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